Saturday, September 22, 2007

Widgetbox provides many useful widgets for your blog.

There are many useful and fun widgets for your blog or your web site in Widgetbox.
Almost Widgets are based on Flash. So they are smart, cool and pretty.

The widgets are well categorized on the left frame.
(Blogosphere, Communication, Fun & Games, Interests, Information, Money Makers, etc)
You can sort them by "Subscriptions" or "Top Rated" or "Data Added".

In case that your blog is powered by famous blog service such as Google Blogger, MySpace, FaceBook, you can directly install the widget on your blog.

Among widgets, I show some widgets as below,

Crystal Clock

Flash Web Counter

YouTube Videos 2.0
Display a user's YouTube videos, favorite videos, or a specific videos with a certain tag on your website or blog.

interactive cyber pets!

Google Site Translator
Open your blog or site up to readers from around the globe with Google Site Translator.

See the Widgetbox, and get the cool widget for your blog~

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