Thursday, September 20, 2007

Google Blogger XML 3 column Template

I've introduced good Google Blogger XML template sites.

Among them, I like both Underwater Template and Blue Wave Blogger XML Them.
But I think that
- the top frame of Underwater is not good. The height is too long.
- menus in the top frame of Blue Wave are very attractive.

So, I've integrated Underwater with Blue Wave. The name of the new template is "Alones 3 column XML Template".

The characteristics are as belows,
- XML template for the new version Blogger
- 3 column layer
- The width of the post section is not fixed.
(I think that to write source code the width should not fixed)
- Top frame has menus.

The figure of the integrated template is as belows,

When I write this post, this blog uses above template.

You can download this template here.

To use this template, after download the following file,
Copy & paste to Edit HTML section under Blogger Dashboard
Directly upload the downloaded file.


mjjin said...

Hi,My friend,Happy to see you here,i found this blog from my Friend's Mashup page,i've added you as my friend a few days ago.Your english is amazing,keep the good blogging.Multi-blogging is difficult for me.I stopped a niche blog 2 days ago.It's really a good idea to creat an english blog,but not for me & now,i have to practice english more.

It seems the landing is very very slow,i took 3 minites to land on your homepage,i'm sure the site named caused the problem. Can you fix it? How about on your side?

gidaeyeo said...

Thank for your helpful advice. :)
I've removed anniyalogam script in the template code as your advice.
In Seoul, The rendering time of this blog does not take 3 minutes, but it is true that it is slower than other blog.

And I'm answering a letter for your sincerely mail.

James Chia said...

I like this template. Clean and simple! But I am currently using Dots Dark and have taken a long to customize it into 3 columns myself. If I were to switch to yours, would I be able to retain all the things in both my sidebars?

gidaeyeo said...

I could not find any tools which can migrate existing side bars to the new template.
I recommend below way for you,
first, copying all of script code of your side bars with the position,
After apply the new template, paste the backup sidebar codes.

Manisha said...


I am Manisha, from India. I want to download the desired XML file to use this blog design, But this this link is not working.
So I am unable to download. Kindly provide the XML file so that others can also use this design.