Sunday, September 30, 2007

Using On/Offline Blog Editing Programs

All of Blog services or programs provide their own editing program.

But the functionality of blogging programmes is not good as a word processor. To use powerful features of a word processor You may first write a post using a word process (e.g. MS Word) and copy and paste to your blog editing program when your are on-line.

Copying a word document and pasting it into a blogging program is not always what you want and intend.

It can be create unnecessary coding behind behind scenes and can not be rightly shown as you intend (e.g. font, intend, align, etc).

To avoid above problems, let's use the following blog editing programs.

Windows Live Writer (free)

MS provides a good free blog editing program.


Windows Live Write supports the following powerful features,

WYSIWYG Authoring

You can author your post and know exactly what it will look like before you publish it.

Photo, Map publishing


Windows Live Write works with Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress (and many others)

On/Offline Editing

You can write a post offline and upload it to your blog. And you can get the existing posts from your blog and can edit/upload it.

Powerful Editing Features

Table, intend, font, underline, bold, block quote, strike out, etc

You also see and edit HTML code.

You can freely download this nice program here.

Qumana (free download)

Like Windows Live Write, Qumana is a good free blog editing program.

Also, you can insert an advertisement called Q-Ads into your post.

And Qumana support the list of existing posts with their content. you can open/edit them as below,


Qumana supports Spellcheck which is not found in Windows Live Writer.

But I could not find how to insert table into a post. (windows Live Writer can do it)

You can download this free tool here.

ScribeFire (Firefox Add-on)

It is a Firefox add-on. This add-on supports basic functionality for editing. But you should be always on line.

And you can use commercial tools like Ecto, BlogJet and such.

I could not have any chance to use them :).

Ref: Improve Your Workflow with a Blog Editing Program

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