Saturday, September 29, 2007

[Blog Tips] Let web robots know your blog has been updated

People want to make their blog (or website) take more traffic using such technique as SEO.

I think that ping services are good method to improve the volume of traffic to your website.

In the blogosphere, pinging allow both search engines and blog directories to know that your blog has been updated. And the result of the notification their web robots will visit to your website for crawling. (i.e. they read the new content and apply it to their database)

A ping is just a piece of text containing your website name and the URL. Generally ping is sent in the XML format.

Ping services automatically process the above notification.

There are many ping services as below,

- huge list of RPC and RPC2 services (over 56 RPC and RPC2) by EliottBack
- 20-25 RPC and RPC2 service by Emily
- List of Ping Services by Daily Blog Tips (over 50)

But I think that you need not to use all of above ping services because ping services ping each other. Therefore I suggest the following ways.

In case of Google Blogger

If you use Google Blogger, the ping to Google Blog Search Engine would be automatically sent after your blog has been updated.

You can check it with "Send Pings" options on Settings/Publishing page of Dashboard.

You can manually ping Google Blog Search Engine by this link.

For more details, see this document of Google.

Technorati Ping Service

If your blog is claimed at Technorati, use Technorati ping service.

It allows Technorati to know that the claimed website has been updated.

iPings Ping Service

I think that iPings is good service. I usually use this service.

This service automatically ping 32 ping services.

After access this link, type only your website title and URL and RSS Feed URL. Then select targets to ping as below,


- Ping Service Bookmarks
- XML-RPC Ping Services For Your Blog
- List of Ping Services

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