Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Protect your PC by executing a program on Sandboxie

If you execute a dangerous program which can have an virus or visit a site which can install a spy ware into your machine, use Sandboxie!

Programs (including browser) which is executed through Sandboxie reads data from hard disk.
But when programs write something on hard disk (or register), it is written on transient storage of Sandboxie. And the written data will be removed when Sandboxie is terminated.
(i.e. Sandboxie intercepts read operation and directs data to its temporary storage)

See the following figures, you c
an understand its mechanism.

* existing way *

* Sandbox's way to protect your PC *

Sandboxie has simple user interface. You can launch any programs as below,

Sandboxie monitors processors which are crated through it. And "[#]" is added after/before the original caption of an application which is executed by Sandboxie. see as below,

It's free and you can download it here.

I also think that it will be very useful
- when you test your application (e.g. windows application, FireFox extension, etc) for testing.
- when you get rid of all of your trace on a PC of your friend.

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