Sunday, September 23, 2007

How do you think of Link exchanges?

How do you think of Link exchanges?

I have two Chinese blogs at Google Blogger, and i have made link exchanges with some other bloggers before; Simply speaking, i wanted to get more traffic to my blog and improve own PageRank. But now, it seems Google asserts that "Link Exchanging will lower your PageRnak",
the offical documentation is here.

I am not a past master at SEO, i think most of bloggers are not, too. If so, WHAT are the right things we should do? Below is my idea :

1. Do not make link exchanges with other blogs, just follow Google's suggestions;

2. Of course, Link exchanges will increase your Technorati authority, if the link exchanges are necessary, you should link to higher quality of links;

3. The most important thing, also the best way to increase your blog PageRank is to write things that are interesting to other bloggers so they will link to you;

4. Include links in your posts, linking to other blogs will not decrease your PageRank. I think it is mutual, You can link to your neighbourhood and some valuable blog posts and great sources which you want to share with people who come to your blog.

(I'm mjjin, i live in China, this is my first post in ENGLISH since i joined in Alones World blog as team member. Frankly speaking, my english is not good, you may find some mistakes in my blog posts in the future. A friend of mine, her name is Lansy, we have known each other through MyBloglog, she told me before, "Don't worry about mistakes. Mistakes make life perfect." )

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gidaeyeo said...

Hi, mjjin. :)

Your post always give me inspiration and useful information.

As your friend said, English is not important. (I'm poor, too)
I think that though there are some wrong spellings and bad grammar, people can get good information from out post and we can communicate with them.

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