Saturday, September 22, 2007

[Google Blogger] Alones 3 Column XML Template Updated

The Alones 3 Column XML Template 've been updated.

By the comment by mjjin, I know that the rendering time of a blog which uses this template is too slow. mjjin said that it takes 3 minutes.
mjjin also tell me the cause. He think that the script for anniyalogam site cause the slow rendering.

I've found a related post here. Because hackosphere changed its hosting services, it may takes long time.

So, I've removed the script for anniyalogam.

For updating Alones 3 Column XML Template,

- Download it again here.
- Delete the following script in your template code in Edit HTML section under Blogger Dashboard.

v0.1 (09.21, 2007) - initial version
v0.2 (09.22, 2007) - anniyalogam script removed.

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