Sunday, September 30, 2007

SEO for Blogspot blog

It's very easy, for beginners i upload some pictures:

1. add sitemap

step 1:

step 2:

2. verify your site:

Your Google accounts->Webmaster tools->Dashboard->Verify->Copy the meta tag given
->Edit template->Paste your meta tag on correct position->Save your blog template.

Wow, It's really easy :)

Update (Jan. 08/2008)

If you have already redirected your post feed traffic to your feedburner feed, you may find an error message at Google webmaster page. In this case, you have to delete previous sitemap and add new sitemap like below, so the problem will be solved.


gidaeyeo ( said...

Hi, mjjin.
As your post, I've added sitemap of this blog. :)

I thought because this blog is Google Blogger the sitemap of this blog is automatically added. :) But I'm wrong.

Thanks for your post again.

Andd I dugg this :)

gidaeyeo ( said...

The following post is also good about adding Google Blogger's sitemap.

mjjin said...

Thank you, RSS.XML instead of atom.xml is also OK for adding sitemap to blogspot blog.

Anonymous said...
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