Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yahoo search result is best!!

Here are interesting statistics.

As you know, Google appears to dominate and have the most successful search engine.
According to data there are roughly 7.5 billion search queries preformed every month by the US Online population.
Among them, Google gets about 2/3rds of the volume.
See the following data.
From a quantity view, Google has the best search engine.

But let's see the next data.
The following chart shows how many users click on a search result.

On August, assume that there are 100 queries,
in case of Google 65 queries can make users click an URL in the search result.
That is to say 65 query results have an URL which seem to be what people want to search.
Yahoo is 75. MSN is 59.

From a search fulfillment view, Yahoo has the best search engine.

Search Fulfillment: Yahoo! is best of breed
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