Saturday, October 6, 2007

The End Of The Language Barrier

The topic is about language barrier and translation. Have you heard Worldwide Lexicon, a project based on an idea of wiki & open source ?

Today, i discovered this web page on the web site of Worldwide Lexicon. In fact, the same article was posted on my Chinese blog last month. You can read that post in English
here with manual translated page, or here with automatically translated page (Of course, the machine translation is not accurate, but you can probably understand that what i want to say) .

Today i also read a great article related to the Worldwide Lexicon project and let me share it with you,

The end of the Language Barrier

(Posted by Brian McConnell, He has worked on the project for many years, and he believes that the end of the language barrier will come true.)

OK, The topic off, now your say, What do you think?

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