Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Let's use Search Box of Google Blogger

If you want to provide "search" to your visitors in case of Google Blogger, let's use the "Search Box" element.

It is easy to install and its design is cool.
Moreover, the whole page is not refreshed to show the result. Only the area for the result is reloaded.
I think that such a different way as AJax make it possible.

You can see the look as below or search using this blog's Search Box on the right.

Installation on your Google Blogger

It is very easy.

After go Dashboard / Template / Page Elements, click "Add a Page Element".
Then select the following Search Eelement.

You should access the Draft Dashboad of Blogger via
At time of writing this post, only the Draft version provide Search Box element.
(The default dashboard URL is

If you want to check if you are on which dash board, check the log as below,

In case of Draft

In case of Default


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