Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is the reason you should change your password

Change your password :)

Ramya was about to leave office after finishing her work. She got a call from her husband Karthik ,

RAMYA: "Hello, yes Karthi".
K: "Ramya, can you open my gmail and get a print out of the mail from that US consultant I forgot to take it in my office"
RAMYA: "Yes, I can, I need your password"
K: "jeni22091980"
RAMYA: "Ok fine"

She takes the print out and logs out. Some thought struck her mind now.
JENI happens to be his college mate. Hmmm...

She decides not to discuss this with Karthi
k . She simply opens her mail box and changes the password from "mohan143" to "karthikramya" and leaves for home!

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