Saturday, July 5, 2008


Recently, I've researched into BREW PEK to improve the current test framework of which I'm in charge. As a result, I found quite useful web page references. So I share them.

Here are web page references (exactly pdf) regarding BREW and PEK (Porting Evaluation Kit) in QUALCOMM

Generally speaking, layered architecture as well as its test framework is in the limelight especially in embedded software world.

PEK (Porting Evaluation Kit) is well-designed test framework. If you are trying to devise a test framework for your software platform which is taking away time both of developers and of test engineers, refer to BREW PEK.

※ Since pdf files are linked, it would take much time to load pages. You had better download and see them in Acrobat.

[1] What is BREW?

Briefly but clearly explains BREW in Wireless

[2] Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless

Explanation on BREW in Wikipedia

[3] Commercialization, PEK & Custom OAT Modules (2005)

About PEK and how to extend OAT which verifies functions of ported BREW

[4] Writing an Efficient BREW Porting Layer (2006)

Generally, vendors port BREW into their handsets. Namely, they make BREW OEM which is glue between BREW and handset APIs. This slide describes that.

[5] Application Commercialization: The Role of TRUE BREW Testing (TBT) 2006 2004

About TRUE BREW Testing (TBT) which verify BREW Applications.

PEK check whether BREW is correctly ported or not, while TBT tests BREW Applications on BREW.

[6] Debugging BRW Porting Layer (June 2, 2005)

About BREW Debugging

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