Monday, March 9, 2009

DIY Puzzle

DIYPuzzle lets you make your own picture puzzle game which is only one in the world.
With any photos in your album of iPod/iPhone you can build variety picture puzzle.

Lovers, babies, friends, scenery, personage, sexy starts and so on.

You can select photos as well as set various settings (4X4, 5X5, 8X8, blue line, red line, and so on).

Moreover, the main page is automatically built by your puzzle images.


Figure 1. The icon of this app is placed on bottom right. The design concept of this game is simple (exactly, no design) for user to think that they can build this game by themselves.

IMG_0088 by you.

Figure 2. As you see, the main page of this app is decorated with users' puzzle image.
The transparent images under the main page are automatically changed whenever users make or delete new or existing puzzles.

IMG_0090 by you.

Figure 3, 4, 5. The following screen is where users can make puzzles.
In the current initial version, users can set name, where to select images, image, mode (rectangle), line color.
IMG_0091 by you.

IMG_0092 by you.

IMG_0093 by you.

Figure 6. User can select any photos in their album as below,
(In the next version, user can use taking photo)
IMG_0094 by you.

Figure 7. A new picture puzzle is almost done with users' settings.
IMG_0095 by you.

Figure 8. All made picture puzzles are managed as below, (they can be removed, re-ordered).
(In the next version, users can modify existing puzzles.)
By tapping one cell users can play the selected puzzle game.
IMG_0101 by you.

Figure 9. The following screen shows shuffled puzzle image to play.

IMG_0103 by you.

Figure 10. While playing, users can see menu to re-shuffle, to return to main title, to show the original image by double tapping.

IMG_0104 by you.

Figure 11. When users finish a game, they can see time record and see main menu again by tapping on the original image.
IMG_0105 by you.

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Patrick said...

I see your latest iPhone app & am very impressed.
I am a beta tester of many of the iPhones Photography apps & would be very interested in Beta Testing your app & any others you might be working on.

I hope to hear back from you.