Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Battery Tracer

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Battery Tracer provides a convenient way to monitor battery status and consumption over a range of activities.
With a quick glance, you can check the estimated time remaining for:
* Talk (3G/2G)
* Standby
* Internet via 3G
* Internet via Wi-fi
* Video
* Audio
Battery Tracer allows you to determine the percentage of actual battery usage for various activities. Want to know whether an hour of web browsing uses more battery consumption than 45 minutes of playing DOOM? Simply monitor both activities and compare the hourly percentages. An easy-to-use interface allows you to track, record, and label the elapsed time.
Going on a long plane trip?
Don't find yourself staring at a dark screen!
Battery Tracer can help you know whether you have the time to watch "Dances With Wolves" or if you should stick to an old Seinfeld rerun!
Battery Tracer is the most versatile and customizable battery monitor. Unlike other battery applications, Battery Tracer allows you to monitor and record the specific applications you use!

- Battery Levels
- Difference of battery levels
- Battery Consumption % per Hour
- Time interval
- The following remained time for 3G and 3GS
. Talk (3G/2G), Standby, Net on 3G, Net on Wi-Fi, Video Play, Audio Play