Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sexy CG Girl Puzzle

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With Sexy CG Girl Puzzle, you can carry a virtual harem of beautiful women with you wherever you go! Each of the three stages consists of a portfolio of ten puzzles depicting original works of art by some of the most talented computer graphic artists today. Each work of art displays the female form in all its glory--sensuous, provocative, playful...and absolutely delicious!

As you complete each puzzle, you can save your creation in your photo album...and display your favorites as wallpaper!

The current collection includes works by:
* Lokman Lam
* Steven Stahlberg
* Tang Yuehui
* K. Jun
* Joerg Warda
* Andrius Balciunas
* Shiyong Wang
* Jimmy Chow

Additional works of art will be added in regular updates.

IMG_0002 by you.

IMG_0006 by you.

You can enjoy picture puzzles which images are beautiful and fantastic CG artworks which outstanding and brilliant CG artists provide.
IMG_0004 by you. IMG_0001 by you.

Anytime you can save the original images of picture puzzles which you puzzled out.
IMG_0005 by you.